General Provisions

On the first day of each school year, teachers shall be credited with 16 days of compensable leave of which only 4 days may be used as personal. Compensable leave may be used for illness, attendance at educational conferences, bereavement, and other reasons as designated in this article. Compensable leave shall not be used for the purpose of vacation or other reasons not otherwise provided by these Articles. Whenever leave is taken, the teacher shall accurately provide the district with the reason for his or her absence using the District’s approved process.

If a teacher is absent for purposes other than in accordance with these Articles and the leave is not otherwise protected by law, the teacher shall be subject to disciplinary action, which may include suspension, termination, deduction of pay, notation in the teacher's evaluation and personnel file, or other appropriate measures.

The following days will not be charged against the teacher, regarding Board Policy GCBDA: Professional Staff Short-Term Leaves and Absences:

      • Association Leave
      • School business
      • Approved FMLA leave
      • Absence due to a qualified work related injury
      • Educational conference leave absences for which the staff member is able to provide documentation

Compensable Leave

If a teacher does not use all of the 12 days of compensable leave by the end of the year, the remaining days are carried over into the next year and become accumulated compensable leave. The teacher may accumulate a maximum of 180 accumulated compensable leave days. Accumulated compensable leave days may be used in the same manner in which compensable days may be used, but only after annual compensable leave has been depleted and in accordance with the rules set out in here and in other Board policies.

Teachers who notify the District of their retirement on or before March 1st and who have accrued a minimum of 75 unused compensable days may sell back 25 days to the District at a rate $80/day.


Compensable leave may be used for illness of the teacher, the teacher's spouse, and the following family members: parents, brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren and grandparents. Leave may also be used for the illness of any financially dependent persons living in the household. Financially dependent does not mean an employee of the teacher. FMLA leave, if eligible, will run concurrently with compensable leave used for this purpose.

The district may require a teacher to present a certification of fitness to return to work from a physician whenever the teacher is absent from work due to the teacher's health. Whenever the teacher is absent for a Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) qualifying reason and the teacher is eligible for FMLA leave, return-to-work certification proceeds according to FMLA regulations.

Educational Conference

Compensable leave, or accumulated compensable leave (after annual compensable leave is depleted), may be used to attend educational conferences. The teacher must submit an application for approval or rejection by the building professional development committee in accordance with their published procedures.


Up to 10 days of annual compensable leave, or accumulated compensable leave (after annual compensable leave is depleted), may be used per occurrence for bereavement for persons of immediate concern. Additional days of available compensable leave, if needed, may be requested from the Asst. Superintendent for Human Resources. In cases where a bereavement is of immediate concern to a number of teachers in one (1) building, the principal may limit usage of bereavement days.

Religious Observance

A teacher may use up to 3 compensable day(s) for religious observance obligations that cannot be fulfilled before or after the normal school day schedule or on a Saturday or Sunday. The religious observance days will be charged to compensable leave. Accumulated compensable leave days may not be used for this purpose. Additional days of available compensable leave, if needed, may be requested from the Asst. Superintendent for Human Resources.

Personal Days

On the first day of each school year, teachers shall be credited with 4 personal days for use for personal matters (other than vacation) that cannot be handled through use of any other leave. Except in case of emergency, teachers must give two (2) days advance notice to the building principal or designee prior to taking a personal day.

Personal days may not be used in each of the following instances, except for extenuating circumstances requiring prior approval from immediate supervisor:

  • The first and last day of the school year
  • Before or after a holiday
  • When three or more personal days are taken on consecutive contractual days
  • During State required testing

Teachers may not be compensated for unapproved personal days. Denied requests can be appealed to the Associate/Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.

If a teacher does not use all of the 4 days of personal leave by the end of the year, the remaining days are carried over into the next year and become accumulated compensable leave.

Guidelines for Tuition Reimbursement

  1. Courses taken by teachers that qualify for teacher salary schedule advancement (channel transfer) may qualify for tuition reimbursement if the courses are applicable to the teacher's assignment or to an area of certification.
  2. Application shall be made to the assistant superintendent of Human Resources and receive approval prior to the beginning of the class in order for a teacher to receive reimbursement.
  3. Undergraduate courses that may be required to continue or renew certification, or to acquire new certification mandated by the State Department of Education in an area not previously requiring specific certification and the teacher is currently teaching in that area, may be approved by the review committee for tuition reimbursement but not for advancement on the salary schedule.

Reimbursement will be made when official transcripts of credit or an original report card have been received in the Human Resources office from all teachers requesting tuition reimbursement for any particular period.

The district shall set aside the sum of $112,500 for the period of July 1st through December 31st and $112,500 for the period of January 1st through June 30th to be used for the purpose of tuition reimbursement. Any sum not expended between July 1st through December 31st shall be carried over to the following period within the same fiscal year. This sum shall be divided by the total number of approved credit hours. The quotient shall be the amount of money available per credit hour for reimbursement, within the following limitations:

1. The maximum dollar amount of reimbursement per credit hour shall not exceed that which is charged by the University of Missouri, St. Louis;

2. Any course for which no tuition cost is incurred by the teacher shall not be reimbursed under this proposal;

3. The maximum number of credit hours per teacher for reimbursement in any fiscal year shall be nine credit hours;

4. Incidental costs, including but not limited to textbooks, supplies, registration fees and parking fees shall not be reimbursed under this policy.



The sick leave bank is a voluntary organization which seeks to meet the needs of its members. Sick leave shall be caused by illness of the teacher, spouse and/or dependent (as defined under FMLA).


A teacher who carries over at least two (2) compensable days from the previous year is eligible for membership in the sick leave bank. Membership in the bank shall be obtained by authorizing the donation of two days of accumulated sick leave to the bank. Open enrollment shall be from September 1 through September 30 of each year. A list of the membership will be available by October 15th.


The instructional day is defined as that period of time a teacher is required to be in an educational activity as a participant in the standard teaching assignment. Each teacher shall be available for a total of twenty (20) minutes of supervision outside of the instructional day as determined by the building principal and staff. The instructional day shall be 6 hours 30 minutes. The length of the instructional day will be consistent throughout the district. In the event a change in the length of the standard instructional day of the district is considered, it will be discussed with teachers.

  • Each teacher shall be provided a 30-minute duty-free lunch.
  • Each teacher shall be provided 275 minutes of planning/preparation time per week in increments of no less than 25 minutes. Two hundred twenty-five of these minutes shall be for classroom planning/preparation time that supports instruction.
  • Teachers may be asked to work outside contract hours up to six (6) hours/year for IEP or other student-related meetings. The District shall make an exception for extenuating circumstances (i.e., childcare arrangements, college course work, or prior scheduled family commitments). Outside contract hours shall end no later than 6 p.m.
  • A teacher shall not leave the school premises during school hours unless proper arrangements have been made with the building principal or designee and the teacher has signed out in the front/central/main office.

Coverage for Classrooms

The Board wishes to discourage extensive usage of any regular teacher in a substitute capacity beyond the minimum contractual preparation period. However, in cases of emergency, this practice will be used. A middle or high school teacher who substitutes for another teacher during a time that extends into his or her minimum contractual preparation period shall complete and submit a time and effort sheet and be paid at the rate of $28.00 per hour. The principal or principal designee will initially request teacher volunteers, starting with the most senior staff. However, in the event no one volunteers to cover the class, the principal or principal designee will assign a person to cover the class utilizing an alphabetical rotating list. If an elementary class is divided or combined with other classes, the effected teachers will equally divide the daily pay for a substitute teacher by submitting a time and effort sheet.