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May 1, 2015

posted Oct 6, 2010, 8:12 PM by Erin Cramer   [ updated Nov 7, 2015, 12:09 PM ]

HNEA Members,

     Today I had several people tell me that they were so proud of what they and their colleagues did as a group.  They were proud to be a member of the HNEA.   They felt like we were a team all across the district.

     I was so proud of everyone this morning and afternoon.  The support and unity was fantastic!!!  A couple of schools had EVERY teacher out front all waiting for the morning bell together.  One school even had the principal join them.  Many headed home at probably the earliest time in a long time.  The Twitter and Facebook pictures were wonderful.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I feel so honored to work for such a caring and passionate group of people.

     Several asked what to say to students and parents that asked about the purpose of teachers gathering out front.  Each discussion will be different, but mainly that teachers are standing together to fight for public education.   We are making a statement to the community and to the school board that we care.   We care about our students, our teaching, our school district and about our future.  Teachers feel that the students have become a just a piece of data to our leaders and that teachers have no voice in decisions about teaching practices and their work place.  Students spend too much time on testing and the district spends too much money on programs without results.  The school board needs to support the staff both as the people closest to the children, making the biggest difference, and financially as employees.   

     The future of the Hazelwood School District depends on what the School Board does now.  Many wonderful, talented teachers are choosing to leave the district, and even the teaching profession, because of the lack of respect felt for their jobs and theirs lives.  Teachers are educated, caring professionals that are shaping the future of our community and our country, one student at a time.

     Hazelwood teachers are the GREATEST!! I am so proud, awed, motivated and humbled by all you do every day.  You make me love my job.

     Thank you,

Diane Livingston

HNEA President