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1. Contract Proposal has been Ratified

posted Apr 15, 2014, 4:18 PM by Erin Cramer   [ updated Aug 15, 2014, 8:18 AM ]

The results from the vote on the tentative contract agreement are as follows:

  • Yes--705
  • No--113
    • Reasons for voting no (not required to answer):
      • Salary proposal--72
      • Changes to contract language--1
      • Evaluation system--20
      • Other--10
  • Total voted--818 (817 online; 1 on paper)
Attached below is the Power Point that presents the contract proposals and outcomes. When viewing, please note that the slides are labeled as "accepted" or "declined." Also attached below is a copy of the Policy and Procedures manual for the new evaluation system. This is the same manual that has been in schools, on our website, on the district website, and is what was presented at four informational meetings in March.
A brief list of the highlights of the contract:
  • Article 14: Step and 1% raise (current and proposed salary schedules attached below)
  • Article 2: HNEA will be informed of proposed changes to Board policy within 14 days of the first reading.
  • Article 9: Change the language to reflect new law that teachers must directly report suspected child abuse or neglect.
  • Article 11:
    • Anything placed in a teacher's personnel file must be signed by the teacher.
    • Procedure inserted for cases in which a teacher refuses to sign a document going into his/her personnel file
    • Any correspondence may be removed from a personnel file with permission from the teacher, the issuer of the correspondence, and/OR the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.
  • Article 14: "Semester" defined as 95 days (1/2 the contract). This is in reference to a situation where an employee must work at least half a year, but it was stated as a semester.
  • Article 15: A teacher wanting to bring his/her non-resident child to school in Hazelwood must turn in the paperwork by April 30 (changed from August 1). This is to allow schools to better plan for the coming school year.
  • Article 18:
    • Change in language to broaden the definition of "dependent" to the definition in FMLA
    • Reorganization of the sick-leave bank committee and clarification on procedures
    • Removal of the provision that the sick-leave bank can only have the number of days in it equal to two times the number of members
  • Article 30:
    • New Hazelwood Teacher Evaluation Program (TEP)--see document attached below
  • Article 35: Administrators must advise a teacher of his/her right to representation prior to any meeting involving transfer, discipline, suspension, or termination. (This is something we have been fighting for in negotiations since 2009!)
  • Formation of a committe to put together a cost-saving Early Separation Agreement (retirement incentive) for next year. The agreement includes a specific timeline for formation, a deadline for submitting a proposal, and a deadline for approval by the school board. Staff will be informed of the details of the ESA no later than December 1, 2014. While an ESA is not part of the contract, HNEA will have a part in putting together the proposal.
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