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3. Keep writing letters

posted Apr 22, 2015, 6:51 PM by Erin Cramer   [ updated Jul 13, 2015, 5:23 PM ]
If you have a voice that needs to be heard, feel free to write a letter to your school board. (Below is the original call for letters.)

HNEA News!!!
   The Hazelwood School Board brought a 1% salary increase (not a step) to our negotiations.  We originally came in with significantly more than that for a raise and have negotiated several language items and reduced our money request to a step.  A step averages to about 2.5% cost to the district, but it varies in percentage for teachers, depending what step the teacher is on. 
    The school board has not negotiated anymore money and remains at a 1% increase across the schedule.
    We had a large turnout at the last board meeting on April 14th with many teachers and residents sharing their thoughts and feelings.  The board remains at a 1% salary increase at this time.

     HNEA would like for the school board to know more about us as teachers, residents, employees and dedicated staff.  We ask that EVERYONE and everyone you know that lives in the Hazelwood School District write to our board members (daily) so that they can better understand our dedication, concerns, needs and knowledge.  We have listed the names and addresses for the seven board members on our website  There are also copies of some of the speeches given at the board meeting.

     I would suggest that you make seven copies of your letters and mail one to each member.  If you do not have stamps or envelopes or can not make copies, email or text them to me or call me at 314-373-9666 for me to pick them up and we will make copies and mail them out for you.   If your letter is long, make it into two or three letters so that each is clear and concise.  Mail them in separate envelopes so that there is no confusion on their part. 

     We want the School Board Members' mailboxes to be bursting daily with input from the Hazelwood staff and residents!!!!!  We are using snail mail because emails are not read by all board members and very easy to ignore and delete.  Sign your name, but if you have a serious concern with that, send it to me and I will delete your name and forward it to the board members with a statement that I have witnessed but removed the author's signature.

    More information will be coming out shortly.  There will be a building rep and negotiations sub committee meeting next Tuesday, April 28th.   NEXT SCHOOL BOARD MEETING IS MAY 5TH!!!!!
Stick together, stay informed and BE HEARD!!