Meeting Follow Up:
  • Amendment 3 will do several things: one-size-fits-all approach to teaching kids, vast increase in standardized testing, teacher evaluation will consist of at least 51 percent of student test scores, reduction in local control for schools and school boards, maximum 3-year contract for teachers
    • Update: While Rex S. said he pulled all of his money, there is a "survey" call going around that is twisting the realities of this amendment. It is focusing on teacher tenure and leaving out the other parts of the amendment.
  • Full details and talking points at www.protectourlocalschools.com

Call to Action:

  • Get your bumper sticker on your car. Tape it in the back window if you don't do bumper stickers. What an amazing statement that will make to the community.
  • Yard signs are coming. Stay tuned for details on where to pick them up.
  • Postcards: please request some postcards from Diane (dlivingston@hnea.org). Fill them out to be mailed to your friends and family asking them to vote on Nov. 4 and to vote no on Amendment 3. Return the postcards to your building rep or Diane, and HNEA will mail them for you.
  • Volunteer for phone banks. HNEA will host a phone bank next week (check back for details). Volunteer: http://www.protectourlocalschools.com/volunteer/ They need volunteers every evening; you could go spur of the moment if that works best for you.
  • Plan to work the polls on November 4. No one has school that day so every single person concerned about Amendment 3 should spend at least a couple of hours at the polls. You can work near your home; you don't have to come to Hazelwood. Volunteer with Protect Our Local Schools (http://www.protectourlocalschools.com/volunteer/) and they will put you at a high-traffic poll on election day. EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO THIS.

Words from the President

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