Phone Bank and Polls against Amendment 3:

  • Tuesday, October 28 and Wednesday, October 29, there will be phone banks at the North County NEA office from 4-8. WE NEED YOU THERE! The phone bank is easy to do, and you only need to stay as long as you can. If everyone donated 1-2 hours, we would make tremendous headway.
  • Plan to work the polls on November 4. No one has school that day so every single person concerned about Amendment 3 should spend at least a couple of hours at the polls. You can work near your home; you don't have to come to Hazelwood. Volunteer with Protect Our Local Schools (http://www.protectourlocalschools.com/volunteer/) and they will put you at a high-traffic poll on election day. EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO THIS.

Words from the President

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